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“When I came here I had serious doubts about having the ability to even walk normal again. But not only do I walk normal again I have been able to continue to play golf and also teach country line dancing. Dr. Jones has put me back on the right track to feeling human again! Thanks Doc and what a wonderful staff.” —– M.M.

No matter where you are right now, to get to where you want to go you must decide first and then start moving forward. The same is true for your health. Are you sick, in pain, chronically ill or fatigued or want family wellness care? If so, your journey to can begin today. At Optimum Wellness & Rehab Center we look forward to discussing the issues that you are facing, working on solutions and providing the best care possible. You see, we work with you and support you in reaching your health and wellness goals. We do this by using the latest technology, cutting edge techniques with Chiropractic care, nutrition, detoxification, diagnostic testing, etc. The goal of all this being to meet your specific needs.

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